Meet the Boys

Meet the Boys - Father's Day, Easter and Birthday's

This is always a risky propostion, putting pictures of us on the Internet, but here is is.

Here are three generations of the Leone boys. My Dad "Grandpa", myself "Tony" (well, I have been called many things, just ask my wife) and my two boys, Anthony numero 4 aka Jamie and Matthew.

My Dad is a rare person. He has a great sense of humor and also an incredible depth of technical knowledge around electronics and computers. For example, I needed a rectifying diode for Matt's 66 SCR project, and guess what - he had one in his basement. Go figure !! Anyways, he hs a great person and the boys idolize him, as I have over the many years.

Happy Father's Day Dad !!

March 2023

Grandpa Leone meets his first grandson Jett Leone, son of grandson Jamie. 

August 2021

July, 2019

My Father's birthday October 14, 2018

Owasco Lake Auburn, NY Father's Day June 19, 2017

Owasco Lake Auburn, NY July 2016

Dad's (Grandpa's) 80th Birthday October 2015

Easter Day (April 20)  2014

June 17, 2012





June 19, 2011


 June 20, 2010

June 21, 2009