1969 Ducati 450 Jupiter - aka 450 Scrambler

Vintage Italian Ducati Motorcycle

1969 Ducati 450 Jupipter (USA) Scrambler (Italian)


I had previous stated this bike was a 1970 but after more research and verification I do now believe it was a 1969. The reason for this is that I purchased and sold a 1970 40 Scrambler and my guess is that this bike may have been manufactured in 1969 but not sold and titles until 1970.

This is a 1969 Ducati 450 Scrambler, USA version called the "Jupiter" widecase.

I have updated this bike with the Grimeca DLS (dual leading shoe) front brakes and Borrani alloy wheels, which are typically not found on Scramblers, but road bikes. I also found a nice pair of chrome instrument holders and a side saddle bag from Italy.

I have not painted this one, since it does have the original paint. It does have some chips and scratches on the tank and rust on the underside of the fenders and some rust from battery aside spills. Even with all of this, it looks great from 5 feet away. Up close is a different story, but I think the paint, even with it's problems, is something that cannot be replicated and does date the bike itself.

Ducati Jupiter details

Here is a "new" video:

1970 Ducati Jupiter - Updated

1970 Ducati Jupiter - starting

1970 Ducati Jupiter - driving

(try not to laugh too loudly)

Spring 2009 Pictures of my 450 Jupiter:

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