1955 Ducati 125 Turismo

1955 Ducati 125 Turismo $4995

Purchased from the Carlo Saltarelli collection. Earlier restoration, paint has some bubbles. Needs a wire harness, some wiring done (kill switch works) but lights do not work.

August 6, 2017

Finally after 5 years I wired the alternator using the harness that was in the headlight shell. There was a horn in the headlight also, so I tested it and it works!I wired the headlight, horn and kill switch. I ordered a NOS correct CEV tail light from Italy and when it arrives, I will wire the tail light.

I am having a problem starting it. I seems to have good spark, but had low compression so I replaced the piston and now it seems to have decent compression (at least for a little 125cc engine.

August, 2012

This is the 125 Turismo that I purchased from the Saltarelli Collection. It is a pushrod single engine, 4-speed and recently, but largely unknown, restoration. Th really cool thing about his model, is that there is no sump, but instead the frame serves as the oil sump and well as cooling mechanism.