1970 Ducati 450 Jupiter (Scrambler)

May 15 2016

Well since the last month has been so cold I got to spend a few weekends working on the Jupiter. The is amazingly complete and in great shape in terms of it's "bones". I decided to keep the original Raedelli rims and just get new tires. The from rim is in ok shape and the read is a little more rusty. Fortunately I found a rear rim with about the same amount of rust to match the from rim, so when I get around to it, I might put that on.

A few things to note with this bike: Engine cases have never been opened ! Original Ducati key (I never have seen these).

First time running after sitting in a barn for over 30 years

Here are the parts that I replaced. How many folks would have an original seat, decompression lever, tail light assembly and horn ? Lucky for me and the next owner of this bike, I had them. Rubber replacements included shock gators, foot pegs and shifter.

April 13, 2016

After the teardown, I will try to clean-up the wheels and rebuild the shocks with the new gators. I tested the electrical system and got spark !! Yahoo!!!!

April 4 2016

In another moment of weakness while looking through craigslist with a glass of wine in my hand (never a good idea) I came across a complete barn-find Jupiter and was overwhelmed with sellers remorse. One on my favorite Ducati singles was a barn find Jupiter that I sold a few years back and never really felt that it was at all worth parting with. So, today the Haul-Bikes semi pulled up and we unloaded this: