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Vintage Italian Ducati Motorcycle

This page will have bikes that I am willing to sell.

UPDATED August, 2011

Nothing to Sell at this time....

1967 Ducati 250 Scrambler - Rolling chassis with complete, disassembled engine

I have a 1967 Ducati 250 Scrambler that is a complete rolling chassis. I also have a completely dis-assembled engine, which can go with the bike. The frame is nice, no welds, modifications or repairs. The original seat pan, recovered seats, chome rims, hubs, etc. The only modification is the rear fender and tail light. Over time, I will fix these items, but for now, it's the way I got it.

The engine is completely dissasembled and ready for a new crank pin and case bearing. The cylinder will need to be honed and the piston needs rings. But, other than that.....

1964 Ducati 125 Bronco - ready for re-assembly

I am going to try to complete 2 Broncos and sell one.

250 scramblers, and looking to sell 1 of them. You can pick the tail light, seat, maybe I'll even paint to order as I have 4 tanks now. You can also pick you choince of electrics - with or without battery.

One sold and 1 to go - place your order NOW !!

September 25, 2009 - In the shop

Check out my professional engine restoration (not by me).

Ready for one lucky frame (this engine is NOT for sale) !!

October 24, 2009

Starting the 6-step paint process (primer, silver paint, black paint, decals and pin striping and clear coat. Here they are after primer and silver coat. BTW - I use an HVLP gun, which is great, and I am using lacquer, which I like becasue it dries fast and any mistakes I can sand and re-shoot.

It's starting to come together ! I have had the seat professionally recovered and have NOS rims, whee;s re-laced and spokes painted (like the original).