Ducati 250 Mark 3 Project

January 15, 2020

Time to let this one go. It's been a few years and now is the time to pass this along for someone else to complete the bike. Here's what the package consists of:

•Rare and correct narrow front fender and rear fender

•Engine Serial Number DM250M3 97337

•Tank appears to be NOS and never had gas in it

•Dellorto SSI 27 carb (not shown)

•Original headlight, tail light, side boxes need to be painted

•All frame components, rebuilt rear shocks

•Horn, switches, regulator and headlight internals complete.

•Grimeca 7-fin front and 5-fin rear hub

•Rechromed M Baruzzo rims laced

•Correct head (big valve) with NOS shimmed rockers

•Correct seat

Needs to be done:

•Engine complete rebuild

•Recover seat




•Tires mounted and balanced

January 21, 2017

I figured I would put the parts together to see if I could get some inspiration. I laced the wheels with the double-butted Alpina spokes (really hard to find) and the re-chromed M. Baruzzo rims onto the 7-fin hubs.

November 27, 2016

Well I have had most of these parts for about 10 years now. The rest have been coming in over the past 5-7 years. Now I find myself with the situation of doing the restoration or selling this as a project. Any takers out there?