1965 Ducati 100 Sport

Ducati 100 Sport $9995

Purchase from the Carlo Saltarelli collection. All original parts, paint. Preserved.

Updated June 25, 2017

Put gas in the tank, added a sealed battery and vroom!

I also connected the speedo, had to replace the veglia unit on the wheel, but the speedo now works! Everything on this bike is 100%

Updated August 11, 2012

I removed the tank, seat and traced down 2 electrical issues: a short switch and 2 ground wirres were switched in the headlight shell terminal block. So all electrics seem to work, horn, tail and brake lights and indicator lights - I kicked it over and it sparcks too. Here are some pics of the frame and electrical components. I consulted with my Dad about the issues and ne determined that this bike used a Silicon Controlled Rectefier (SCR) as the principle component to rectify the alternator current to create a DC charge. It looks like from the wiring diagram, that the headlight is run off of the alternator directly and the horn, tail and brake like and ignition coil, use the DC battery. It appears to be all original, wires and electrical components. Even the inside of the headlight shell looks pretty untouched.

On interesting thing was the petcocks - I had never seem this style before. Also, The underside of the tank has a cutout, like it was for a choke lever, which mine has on it.

August 3, 2012

This is my Ducati 100 Sport that I bought form the RM Auction Saltarelli Collection. It is an older restoration (basically paint), very well done with original parts. These are the first pics of the bike, Aug 3, 2012 when I finally got it to my house after almost 3 months after the auction. It was advertised as a 1965, but these bikes were only built until 1962, according to several sources, So, after a little research, I am declaring this a 1959 Model year.