1961 Ducati Elite 200

1961 Ducati Elite 200 $7995

Since the video, I purchased a seat which is similar to the Diana seat, but made for a Spanish bike. I think it looks very cool - The MK3 seat looks too heavy IMHO for the Elite.

November 27, 2016

Well, this Elite has been sitting for about 5 years now since it was fired-up in 2011. I think it is time to sell it. I have documented the purchase of this and the purchased from the PO. The only thing I have done is to the the seat recovered. It's got the super rare Diana 250 seat, which I am curious if any other Elite's out there have the same.

June 12, 2011

Got the Elite fired-up and rode it around. What a cool bike. The clipon's are definately the way to go, but I could see how on an extended ride that there could be some fatigue from the riding position. Here's a short video - what a beautiful day !

February 20, 2011

I always had admired these bikes. This is my recent purchase, a 1962 Ducati Elite 200. There are so cool with the jellymold tanks and smaller narrower rims. This bike traded hand a few times recently, but it is complete and has a couple of really neat items. Since it's still about 20 degrees outside, I will not have many pictures, but today was nice and I thought I'd shoot a few pics while the sun was out.

The bike doe not have the original paint, and when I took the tank badges off, you can see the original chrome underneath. I hope to get the bike professionally paint and the tank re-chromed, but it may have to wait a bit. The tank also has a dent on one side. I am looking to have it fixed, but just a little hesitent to. I was told that the correct way to do this is to remove the bottom of the tank and use temperature differential to work the metal back out to the original contour. SOunds like a lot of work and $$$$.

One really cool thing about this bike is that I believe it was originally sold by Ghost Motocycle back in 1962. If you look at the tail light sticker, it is from Bromley Motorsports in PA, but underneath the sticker, you can see the outline of the words on the sticker below. If you click on the image below and zoom in on it in your browser, you can see GHOST starting to the left of Bromley. Also, above the word TREVOSE, you can see Zundapp slightly above it and Ducati slightly below it from the Ghost sticker. I owuld really like to take the Bromley sticker off and expose the original dealer plate, although it is low on the priority list.