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I am just your ordinary "Tony", middle-aged, chubby, wife, kids, cats, etc. who started tinkering with these things a few years ago. Now I am hooked and search for bikes, fix/restore, buy/sell. Most of my limited experience is with Ducati vintage single motorcycles, although I am not limiting any options just to this marque. I also am partial to vintage Ducati motorcycles, Ducati Diana 250, Ducati Elite 200 and Ducati Pushrod singles which represent most of my collection.

All of my bikes for sale as I am looking to thin my collection of Ducati vintage single motorcyles. Please email or test or call me if you have questions. I can assist in shipping as I have some experience and can make some recommendations. All prices for Ducati single motorcycles are in US dollars.


mobile: +1 585-255-0749

I have created a YouTube channel - it's kind of lame (as my kids would say), but we have fun making the videos and I think it is interesting seeing these bikes start and run.

Cool Ducati single YouTube videos

Ducati vintage single motorcycles for sale

1961 Ducati Diana 250


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1961 Ducati Diana 250 and 1963 Ducati Diana 250 MK3 for sale

1961 Ducati Elite 200


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1961 Ducati Elite 200

1959 Ducati 85 Sport


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Ducati 250 Mark 3 Project

(updated January 15, 2020)

New Jersey August 2, 2012

The bikes from Italy arrived in New Jersey and my wife and I went to pick them up !!

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If you have an cool or even not-so-cool (is there such a thing ??) Italian motorcycle that you want to sell, send me a note. If you want to buy one of mine, send me a note also. Also, I am always looking for parts and sometimes have extras that I would sell. I am not an expert, but have been "accumulating knowledge" and also know some really knowledgable folks.

Here is a pic of the "boys", taken 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2012, 2011, 2010 and 2009

My Oldest son's "fling" with a 748

Ducati Narrowcase Electrics

(updated November 19, 2009)

Parts for Sale Bikes I have previously owned

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